Mangafreak Group has been an active presence on the internet for over five years. Our primary objective is to provide free manga to all manga readers. We strive to deliver high-quality, translated English manga to audiences worldwide.

At Mangafreak, we believe that a good story should be accessible to everyone. Our mission is to promote outstanding manga works, with the hope that readers will show their support for the talented authors and artists behind them.

We encourage readers to share and create buzz online, helping to popularize the remarkable creations within the manga community.

The team behind Mangafreak consists of passionate manga lovers who understand the convenience of reading manga online. As raw manga content is often limited to the creator’s native language, our team saw the need to share translated manga in English with a global audience.

English being the most widely spoken language worldwide, we decided to provide manga in English translation.

To ensure convenience for our readers, we compile English-translated manga from various scanlators. Additionally, readers have the option to download the manga, enabling them to enjoy their favorite titles anywhere and at any time. All manga files are converted to JPEG format to optimize file size without compromising image quality.

We are committed to delivering a seamless manga reading experience and making captivating stories accessible to manga enthusiasts across the globe. Join us at Mangafreak and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of manga!

-The Mangafreak Team